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Friday, December 13, 2013

Tips to be more organized at work

It is difficult to keep focused on a single task when documents form columns on the desktop, between meetings and deadlines for delivering the work, calls, e-mails and conversations with other coworkers.
Interruptions, however, are inpredecibles and unavoidable.
Manage the time. Keep your desktop organized. Make a list of pending assignments. Lead agenda. These are some tips to follow, could help that feel more calm and less stress at work. The reason? It is easier to focus on daily tasks when you have a clearer view of what needs to be done on the day.
Studies of the University of Rice, in Houston, Texas, and Entrepreneur magazine, share various tips that offer and assure will help to achieve better focus on the work tasks and avoid unnecessary stress.
1 Keep work area clean and organized. Some people tend to decorate their workspaces, which often makes it look disorganized or crowded desk of unnecessary objects. If you are the people who tend to get distracted by the slightest of provocation, keep the area clean.
Get clean documents and papers that you have not needed in at least one year of work. Save stationery that is not necessary makes it more difficult to find those that you need at any given time. If necessary, organize files by color (e.g. Green for finance documents, violet for customers; etc.). Looking for a model that fits your work area, and follow it. Be consistent and disciplined.
2 Set priorities and deadlines. Although in the majority of the works they are imposed, it is good to pursue a personal agenda that you have knowledge of the matters pending. It carries out those tasks of the day that are of greatest importance first, or which take more time, so do not feel rushed when it approaches the time of delivery.
Not fantasees. Be realistic when making these lists. If you do not feel comfortable carrying out more than one task at the same time, do not lists that require the same time for more than one of them. Calls and e-mails that are not urgent, can expect to be answered once finished the task since they take up valuable time and disrupt your concentration.
3 It takes a single agenda. At beginning of year many calendars and agendas are received as a gift. Choose one to write down tasks and meetings. If you're more technological, it aims to your favorite calendar sync automatically between different electronic devices.
Both the immediate and the distant dates can be forgotten easily when working with so many things at the same time. Having more than one agenda where take record of all these responsibilities and future meetings could cause that you fail to reach the same on more than one occasion. If you manage different agendas for different accounts, customers or people, use color codes to distinguish them in the same calendar.
4 Confirm appointments and meetings at least 24 hours in advance. Don't for breaking confirming your attendance, or the assistance of the person or group that you're going to collect for the day of the appointment. Same with the subjects, verifies that dates / times have not changed.
Sometimes schedules are not in your control, and you have to be careful with keeping up with these changes. To not look bad any of the aforementioned parties, always it is good to send a message or make a call to confirm time and have changes, arrange another appointment that does not conflija with future events, or previously released.
5. Make good use of the technology. Increasingly, the jobs which require being in front of a computer with unlimited Internet access. Between information pages, social networks, videos and music, it is easy to see minutes surfing the net without necessarily take advantage of it to accomplish everyday tasks in time.
Take advantage of this access to maximize your productivity instead of delaying it. Technology facilitates and speeds up the majority of the work if it is known to use, that it is an extremely important instrument to acquire connections and staying connected and informed at all times. As with e-mails and calls, before answering messages, it examines whether it is urgent that you must respond immediately, or if they can wait until you've finished the work you're doing at the moment.

Would be how the popular Barbie doll without make-up?

The photograph published on the Reddit site shows wrist without your classic makeup.
A doll without shadows or blush, painted eyebrows and obviously without glamour.

This is the result of the figure of the popular Barbie doll but without make-up. Photograph was posted on the Reddit site, and allows you to see a little more "real" to the alleged 19 years young who portrays the doll.
The creation of Mattel, often receives harsh criticism by drawing up an ideal of perfect body for women and generate thoughts stereotyped girls.
In April this year, the Mexican Designer Eddie Aguirre created a sketch of how you look like, the doll more famous in the world, without the benefits that produce cosmetics.

Study finds the form that manages to mend a heart "broken" by love

According to an American study, our brain produces opioids to relieve negative emotions produced by the rejection.
All or a large part of human beings them they have "broken heart". As a group of researchers discovered that our brains "help us" to overcome the negative emotions created by the rejection.

It's a research at the University of Michigan, United States, which shows that the production of opioid system is activated in case of social rejection. Ultimately, system that was already known is activated with social stress and isolation, helps us to overcome the bad time.
To discover this, was tested to 18 people, who were exposed to the rejection of another person, in something akin to an appointment. How amazing is that people immediately felt negative emotions by those who rejected them and the scanner recorded broadcasts of opioids in the brain.
In addition, the study allowed to conclude that opioids are also produced when you know that there is a mutual interest between people.
The finding is a breakthrough for the study of "depressions", since it is possible that people who suffer from social phobia or depression produces less pain relievers"emotions". Besides, being unable to enjoy the positive experiences of life.

Health: do you know what is dry mouth syndrome? Be very careful with this evil

Stress and high consumption of antidepressants are the causes of this disease continue increasing, considering it as a disease of the modern man.

Dry mouth or Xerostomia, syndrome is a disease little known among the population and that in recent years has been extended in adults between 20 and 60 years, for reasons that have nothing to do with their own oral health, manifesting with the sensation of burning and pain in the tongue, dry mouth, the appearance of cracks in the corner of the mouth, increased thirst, tooth decay or the difficulty to get dentures for patients who already have not preserved their teeth.
The causes of xerostomia are many, but the increase of cases of this syndrome often appears after a stressful event by the way people assimilate and act out the tension, often stress that produces the loss of a loved one, divorce or retirement.
Dry mouth is a condition that causes enough discomfort, you can first experience that your mouth is extremely dry and in some cases up to sticky. You will experience a great feeling of thirst and the need to drink liquids all the time in order to obtain the natural hydration of your mouth.
According to Mónica Espinoza, Director of the clinic Plus Dental Care, "we find increasingly more patients who begin to have this syndrome due to the high consumption of antidepressants, as well as the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco".
There are two types of xerostomia: the reversible characterized by record residual glandular activity, where saliva secretion can be stimulated or regulated. This type of xerostomizante effect is produced by chemotherapy, drugs, smoking, stress etc.
In irreversible xerostomia, there is irreparable damage to glandular level that impedes its functioning. This clinical picture can be found in patients with desindrome diagnosis of Sjögren or patients with head and neck cancer who receive large doses of radiation as a treatment.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Party dresses 2013 Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung has already put his cards on the table, her collection of dresses for parties 2013 and was presented and for which have not yet taken a look at this impressive catalog, today we want to tell you a little about what is your proposal.

The concept of fashion and elegance combined with Eccentrism re-do this in each of the designs of Prabal Gurung. I think it is a quality that is part of the personality of this designed and celebrate change anything thinks this, because we love the designs as well!

Tones like red, yellow and green invade your party dress collection.
With designs like the red dress you spent the previous image never unnoticed, even more, we can assure you that you will become the center of the gaze of all the party guests.

But here we also have long party dresses for those who prefer simpler cuts, but also its energetic yellow will still have all eyes on you.

You want a simpler gown but just prices? Here Prabal Gurung design perfect for you.

A youthful design with more traditional combination: black and white, but applied with a touch of originalism that will make you look fresh and renewed.