Creative Kidstuff: Study finds the form that manages to mend a heart "broken" by love

Friday, December 13, 2013

Study finds the form that manages to mend a heart "broken" by love

According to an American study, our brain produces opioids to relieve negative emotions produced by the rejection.
All or a large part of human beings them they have "broken heart". As a group of researchers discovered that our brains "help us" to overcome the negative emotions created by the rejection.

It's a research at the University of Michigan, United States, which shows that the production of opioid system is activated in case of social rejection. Ultimately, system that was already known is activated with social stress and isolation, helps us to overcome the bad time.
To discover this, was tested to 18 people, who were exposed to the rejection of another person, in something akin to an appointment. How amazing is that people immediately felt negative emotions by those who rejected them and the scanner recorded broadcasts of opioids in the brain.
In addition, the study allowed to conclude that opioids are also produced when you know that there is a mutual interest between people.
The finding is a breakthrough for the study of "depressions", since it is possible that people who suffer from social phobia or depression produces less pain relievers"emotions". Besides, being unable to enjoy the positive experiences of life.

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